Functions of Tiger U-Bolt – A U-bolt is U-shaped fastener that holds components together. The ends of the bolt are threaded, so it can be inserted into a nut. The difference between a bolt and a screw is the amount of its body which is threaded. In a screw, the whole shaft is threaded, while on a bolt, only the ends are threaded. Bolts provide a stronger holding power than screws.

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Functions of Tiger U-Bolt

Protect the Center Bolt From Breakage

To better understand this concept, you must know about center bolts. A center bolt connects the leaf springs. In the middle of each leaf spring is a hole where the center bolt is inserted. The center situs slot terbaik bolt connects the leaf springs to the axle. Due to the impact of a vehicle on different ground conditions, the center bolt will flex — this can lead to breakage. This is where the u-bolt comes in.

A u-bolt is installed on each side of a center bolt that holds the leaf springs together. A firmly placed u-bolt can help hold the center bolt in place and prevent the leaf spring from flexing. It reduces the force and stress that is put on the center bolt.

Providing Stiffness To A Leaf Spring

The clamping mechanism of a u-bolt helps the leaf spring maintain its desired stiffness. The leaf spring can remain tightly in place while also being able to absorb the shock and impact that the suspension depo pulsa of a vehicle will experience. A properly placed leaf spring will prevent the axle from snapping when a vehicle carries a heavy load. It helps maintain vehicle height and tire alignment.

Key Takeaway

A u-bolt helps keep the leaf spring and center bolt from flexing which can lead to breakage. It holds these components together and keeps a vehicle’s suspension system functioning. The different functions of tiger u-bolt mentioned above can make a vehicle withstand bumpy roads and carry heavy loads of equipment.

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